To Quit Smoking, Use This Herb and Remove the Nicotine Desire

Smoking is bad for us and we all know this, but some people still smoke. Nicotine is really addictive and makes people crave it more, the more they smoke, the more they need this. When smokers lack nicotine, they feel bad and ill, and this is withdrawal stage. The physical signs are stopping after a week but craving still lasts.

A recent German study said Stevia is great here for stopping with smoking and alcohol. This plant is of the chrysanthemum and native of Paraguay. It is famous as replacement for sugar. It stops cravings and signals the brain to unlike sugar.

So, if you want to stop smoking, start with some stevia drops daily.

If you crave a cigarette, drop this stevia on the tongue and fight the craving ASAP. This can come as powder and liquid and you can find it in markets and health stores.

It is healthy for hypertension, diabetes and obesity too. The skin is nourished and tight, acne are gone and dermatitis too.

How to grow this at home

This cannot survive in freezing areas, it likes warmth and sun. the root survives in zone 9 and warm areas and grows best in spring.

If you protect it well, it also survives in zone 8. Plant it in 12 inch pots with excellent soil. Put it on direct sunlight and add water to dry soil.

Let the plant have 18 inch space, well drainage, loamy and loose soil too. It might be 3 feet high and plant it again when the frost ends with nice compost too.

To stop dryness, in the summer use mulch. No soggy soil, but good drainage. The roots are rotten if the insects attack the plant, and it will wilt.


In the fall, trim the flowers when there are blooms, this makes room for new leaves. The flower is white and to get more leaves, chip the blooms. The leaves sweeten the best in the fall before the blooms appear.

If the leaves are plucked, dry them and use them longer. Cut the stems off, remove leaves and tender stems too. Scatter this on woven fabric or no metal area and dry them in the sun.

This lasts a day and them collect the rest in some container. Crush the leaves to make powder.

Put this powder in tight containers and add it in foods and drinks.


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