Grow a Lemon Tree of a Seed, Naturally, Easy and at Home

We all know citrus fruits are full of minerals, vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus too. They also have sugars so careful in the servings to have a balanced weight and diet too.

Some are harder to grow than others. But luckily, 2 of the best are grown easy. You can grow them in your yard and you will see different taste and freshness with no chemicals and toxins. Here are the rules and instructions:

1. Lemons

Buy a baby tree lemon, 3 years old and get its best. Then get clay or plastic pot with holes in the bottom, and it has to be  bigger than the root of the baby tree. As the tree grows, it will need 12-15 depth inch and 17-20 diameter size. Put the baby tree in the pot and fill drainage with stones to have better air flowing. Fill it with soil now and see specific soils for citrus fruit. This is basically all. The tree needs 8-10 hours sunlight daily and regular water, not OVERwatering. Lemons take 6-9 months to ripen and get the color. Also, grow them from a seed if you like. For this you need: organic lemon with no chemical seeds, fertile soil for potting with vermiculite, peat, perlite and fertilizers, plant pot (6 inch wide and deep), seeding pot (24 inch wide and 12 inch deep), sunny indoor spot.


The steps are:
  • Moisten the pot to be damp, but not soaking.
  • Fill the smaller pot with soil up to inch below the rim.
  • Get a seed from an opened lemon.
  • Remove the pulp of the seed.
  • Suck this until clean.
  • Plant it ASAP.
  • The seed has to be moist when inside the soil.
  • Plant it ½ inch deep in the pot.
  • Use spray bottle with water to spray the soil above the seed.
  • Cover this with plastic wrap and use rubber band for sealing the edges, poke small holes with a pencil.
  • Place this in warm and sunny location.
  • Spray water sometimes, soil must never be dry but somehow moist.
  • A sprout will emerge after 14 days.
  • Take the plastic off, and if there is not enough light for the lemon, use special lights.
  • The youth plant must be in damp soil and with 8 light hours daily, so also feed it organic fertilizers.
  • Cautious for bugs and illnesses.
  • Keep it healthy by pruning off the brown and dead leaves and use pesticides only if needed.
  • When it outgrows the small pot, replace it in a bigger one.This replanting is like the first stage. A young plant needs more water than a young one.
2. Mandarins

To grow this indoors, get baby tree too. This is better than with seeds. Baby trees also grow better with sun. make the pot as before for the lemons, rocks, space, drainage on bottom and sunlight. This tree is not taller than 6 feet height and is safe for indoor growth. Water regularly and not too much. Change the pot if the roots become big and poke out the drainage. Pick the fruits when they are orange otherwise they have no flavor.


When you take the oranges of the tree, the little button at the top of the orange must stay there.


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